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You are warmly invited to take part in the Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes at Calma Lifestyle your personal oasis of calm. Classes are held in a warm, friendly and professional environment where the individual and their needs matter.

Hatha Yoga classes are 90 minutes in length to be able to offer gentle yoga postures, breathing, a short guided meditation and a relaxation to finish. Please let Lydia know if you have any injuries or other issues that may affect your posture work. Your safety and wellbeing are vital to your enjoyment of the classes. Please bring a yoga mat and warm socks if needed.

Meditation sessions are 60 minutes in length and include concentration techniques, body and mind awareness skills, visualisations, gentle breath work to clear the mind and deeper meditations to access inner stillness. Prior meditation experience is very welcome but not necessary. Chairs or cushions are provided for your personal comfort.

Please refer to the Yoga & Meditation pages for further details.

Relax, Breathe, Meditate (RBM)

Want to let go of stress and bring relaxation and clarity into your daily life? Our Relax, Breathe, Meditate (RBM) class offers a unique combination which allows the release of physical, mental and emotional stress and develops the ability to bring relaxation and clarity into everyday life.

A guided relaxation allows the body to release, specific yogic breathing techniques deepen the process of letting go and create a sense of wellbeing and a variety of classic meditation techniques provide clarity, stillness and calm.

**Please bring a small pillow/ blanket for under the knees** Chairs are provided**

This is an ongoing class, Students are welcome to join at anytime.

Contact the Canterbury Community Centre for more details.
Bookings for all sessions are essential.



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