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Student Feedback

Here are some of the responses from students when asked their opinion of the classes.

“I feel more flexible……less stressed….much happier……am connecting with my own Spirit….What do I like most? the entire class-I have a ball…Thank you Lydia, I really enjoy the class and feel disappointed when I miss it…I am learning about not only Yoga but more about myself and the world. Again, many thanks.”

“The meditation at the end is great.”

“I have more strength, flexibility, I am more peaceful, calm, able to focus, accepting, open, perceptive, integrated, aware, balanced... What do I love the most? All of it! I love the meditation and your explanation of the benefits as we go through.”

“I love the stretches, being able to relax.”

“I love letting my mind go ‘blank’ and feeling good about myself... What do I love most? The stretches and the postures.”

“I am looser, have less pain, mentally clearer, emotionally more relaxed and spiritually calmer..What do I love the most? All of the class!…if only it could last!..I love the ambience of your studio and quiet personality.”

“I have increased awareness…and am more positive…What do I love the most? All of it!-the postures, breathing and relaxation…I always feel very welcomed.You are informative as we go and very patient with where I am at…thank you.”

“It relaxes my muscles and I am learning to breathe’s helping me focus and get rid of stress and helps me keep negative thoughts in check…I enjoy the meditation and stretching.”

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